Who the hell is “Bort.Q”?

Well, it's actually Alain P. Chaperon – “Bort.Q” is my alias.
The following is a watered-down summary of my work history...

Began illustrating children’s books, trucker balladries, and the occasional caricature.
Scored a contributing cartoons gig for STARLOG magazine lasting 10 years.
Was a contributing illustrator for select IDG Communication publications.
Ventured into web design circa 1999.
Worked full-time as graphic designer/illustrator/web designer for Bauhaus, Studio Of Design (later changed to “Studio Bauhaus”), creating licensed/generic character designs, icons, background material, et al. Inherited new in-house roles: image retouching, packaging.
Became a full-time image retoucher at ONE20 Photographic Studios in Port Melbourne.
Currently work full-time for Mitch Dowd Design (Mistiyarn Pty Ltd) in licensed men's apparel as graphic designer.

Need to contact me? I am only an email away.